Employee Relations

Difference has to do with "individuality". At MARSA we see “differences” not as a “disadvantage”, but an "advantage" for "competitiveness". Therefore, through equal opportunity and fair approach, we wish to create an atmosphere reflecting our belief in individual development, and to transform MARSA into a company in which each employee is encouraged with the necessary support towards establishing “the belief he can do his best in the professional sense” in order to accomplish his career aspiration.

Our fundamental priority is to recruit, develop, and motivate individuals from diverse backgrounds in order to create a successful "team", and to spread this understanding of differences to all the units at MARSA to ensure permanency.

Appreciation and Recognition Activities
Formal and informal Recognition Systems are utilized in order to enhance employee motivation and contribution.

Sports and Cultural Activities
Football, Tennis and Bowling Tournaments, Traditional Year-end Meetings and Dinners, Picnics, and Visits to Historical / Touristic Sites are organized in order to enhance internal communication, to encourage employees to establish a balance between working and social life, and to increase motivation.

Internal Communication Activities
Brain Storms and Internal Communication Meetings are periodically conducted with the participation of all employees to share all types of actual information concerning the company in general.

Administrative and Social Affairs
Social activities and administrative organizations (social responsibility projects, etc) involving employees are supervised by the Human Resources Department.

Monitoring and Reporting
As a result of the mission to become a learning organization and the requirement to form a corporate memory, the Human Resources Department shares its activities with the upper management periodically every month. Again, periodical and systematic analyses and comparisons are addressed during the reporting-analyzing processes.