Internship Opportunity

Summer Internship for University Students

Students of 4-year universities who are required to complete a probation of maximum 45 days can apply in October-April term, and after the necessary evaluation we try to respond to their applications positively in May to the extent of current capability and offer them an opportunity for summer probation. Our internship programs aim to help them see theoretical knowledge in practice and to gain an opinion about working life in general and business principles in particular.

Internship for Vocational High School Students

Each year we offer internship opportunity to as many vocational high school students as specified in Act no 3308 on Vocational Education. We accept students from schools according to the contingents determined by the City Directorate of National Education and approved by principals of such schools. Vocational internship lasts for one academic year in general. The aim of this program is to increase corporate awareness of students, to improve their vocational knowledge and skills, and to prepare them for working life.