Wages Policy

Waging targets

Our wages and benefits policy is designed with the mission to provide highest contribution to the corporate targets, and is basically implemented in line with the following targets.

  • To be consistent and fair in rewarding the employees.
  • To preserve balance within the company, to ensure competitiveness in the market and business segment, and to maintain equality between comparative works and employers.
  • To facilitate relative management.
  • To enhance effectiveness of rewarding by underlining job volume, performance, contribution, knowledge/skill and competence.

Marsa’s waging policy for white collars is based on an objective process and system of “Job Family Model” as a result of the “Integrated Human Resources” approach. “Job Family” is a model used in defining the roles performing identical or similar activities/tasks and requiring similar skills and competences.

As a natural result of competitive waging approach, we participate in waging surveys conducted each year in the market, which involve many other similar scale companies as well, in order to revise the corporate wages and benefits policy constantly.

Marsa has a waging policy of a total of 16 salaries per annum consisting of 12 salaries and 4 premiums for all white collars.

Under the established corporate policies, wages are increased once a year in January considering the market positioning and personal performance outputs.

All our employees are provided with lunch and transfer service.