Training and Development

Marsa’s Training and Development activities are conducted in order to create a common Corporate Culture and to improve the existing potentials of employees so as to enhance their involvement in accomplishing the Corporate Vision.



“A Positional Orientation Program” is organized for newly recruited white collars in order to introduce the company and corporate culture, and to facilitate adaptation to the job, new environment and people as soon as possible. Other newly recruited employees are also informed about the company and Human Resources procedures on one-to-one basis as of the first day. They are further informed by their department managers and/or assigned personnel about the general procedures as well as specific operations and principles within the scope of a program especially designed for the relevant position.

Training and Development Strategy

Our training and development strategy is based on the philosophy that Role Modeling, Performance Management, Coaching and Assignment / Relocation are as much effective on an employee’s development as training, and that training needs to be utilized together with all the other existing development tools for better efficiency.