Performance Management

We have “A Performance Management and Evaluation System – PMES” in place which aims management, planning, monitoring, evaluation and improvement of performance according to objective criteria, and basically includes the philosophy of “Management by Targets”.

Performance Management and Evaluation System (PMES) focuses on the followings:

Uninterrupted interaction between the employee and manager,
  • Identification of agreed targets that will support accomplishment of the corporate vision, ,
  • Constant monitoring of improvement towards the targets,
  • Constant and prompt feed back and individual development.

With PMES it is possible to evaluate and reward the employee in mid-year and year-end terms according to objective criteria in terms of the targets, to prepare detailed action plans concerning strengths and weaknesses, and to decide on any possibility of internal relocation parallel to the individual’s career expectations.

Performance Management

Career Planning

Human Resource at Marsan is regularly evaluated on the basis of skills and competences in order to maintain and secure current and future success as well as to employ human resource according to individual potential.

The development needs of employees who are believed to possess adequate potential to form the future generation of our managers are addressed by especially designed and monitored training and development programs.