Management and Organization

Marsa Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is one of the leading companies of Turkey and food industry combining its strength and experience derived from a long history.

Marsa’s Human Resources Team aims to contribute to the corporate vision by creating “a preferred organization for career aspirants” through qualified human resources.

In line with our visions and values, the purpose of our human resources management is:

  • to improve our organization constantly,
  • to enhance the efficiency of our teams for higher performance,
  • to recruit, train and employ intelligent and job oriented individuals.

Thus, we aspire to create a positive “team culture” that considers “human” as the most critical asset and strategic resource in order to accomplish the corporate targets.

The most important asset that will ensure accomplishment of Marsa's targets is "Human Resources". Therefore, the fundamental policy of Human Resources Team is to structure a corporate culture that will create “added value” by ensuring employee satisfaction and motivation, deployment according to individual skills, constant improvement, and efficient working.

The target of our human resources function is:

To become “the most preferred company for career aspirants” by providing:

  • a constantly learning, improving and dynamic organizational structure,
  • efficient performance management and evaluation systems, ,
  • a variety of career development opportunities for employees,
  • training/improvement activities focusing on individual development of employees,
  • competitive "wages and benefits" systems,